Monday, May 17, 2010

A Writer's Life

"Monday morning Grace rose with sadness. There was no cedar scent in the air, no fog outside the window, and certainly no sound of waves crashing against the rocks like she'd heard at her rental home in Maine. She felt drugged, nailed to the bed. It was so hard to move her feet, one after the other, to the shower.

She had stayed up late last night rearranging her studio, but never mentioned her intentions to Jack. That was so typical of them to let things build up, to not talk, and to wait until disaster struck before discussing it. At least that was what Grace did. Jack never divulged his intentions. He just did as he pleased. Grace knew he assumed she would want to do what he chose for her, like working in his office. For twenty years she had done nothing else. How could she stop now?

She slipped into her panythose as if it were a regular Monday morning. She clothed herself in Pendleton wool like she did so many other work days, but this time she also wrapped around her wrist a glass bead bracelet that Gordon had made for her. Cheap glass beads and memory wire, something she thought she'd never be caught dead in. Only her John Atencio diamonds and her pearl necklace had graced her before she went to Maine.

Now was a different story. This morning, unlike other ones, she put her hair in a long French braid instead of the curls pulled back with a silver barrette. Her hands trembled as she twisted the rubber band around her hair. Her beads clinked together. It was easy being someone else when she was somewhere else, but here in the tight tentacles of Langsberry she wasn't sure just how defiant she could be. She slung her braid over her shoulder, straightened her jacket lapel and headed to work as if she were a rabbit being thrown into a lion's den."

This is the first page of the second chapter in my book, Healing Grace. The book signing held last weekend was a tremendous success, beyond my wildest dreams. Thank you to everyone involved! I saw family and friends I hadn't seen in ages, and met so many new people that I look forward to seeing again. Michele Stevens Bernard was an absolute saint for hosting the event in her studio, Write Above Spoons. I am grateful for all of it. Finally getting this book published has truly been a dream come true for me in ways that I never even thought of. As a writer, I imagined what it would be like to see my name in print, to have a bio and author picture on the book jacket, and now that it's finally here I am amazed at how tranquil I feel about it all. I have a real sense of calmness. The sales have been better than I ever expected, and I know this is just the beginning.

I have loved hearing people tell me about the book, how they've gotten caught up in the story line and unable to get on with their lives until they finish. I am so touched by their words especially after all the times spent alone hovering over the computer, deleting, editing, writing over and over again until one word looks just like another.

Now it's off to more events, more signings, and more readings. This Saturday at RejuveNationLifeSpa in McKinney on the square my fiber art, clothing, and signed copies of Healing Grace will be for sale. It's the annual Art Walk on the square. You just don't want to miss it. Musicians and artists will be everywhere on the square. And besides that, where else would you rather be anyway?

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